September 23 – February 14, 2023
The Dark Room*

*Walk-in gallery visits to The Dark Room are open to the public during any show and concert happening inside The Grandel, including weekly Wednesday Night Jazz Jams and The Dark Room Concert Series. Private gallery visits can be made for all galleries by appointment with COVID-19 mitigation policies in place. To make an appointment, and for questions or concerns, please contact  katie@kranzbergarts.org or (314) 533-0367 ext. 105


“When I think of Home, I think of a place where there is Love overflowing…”

This is exactly what my home has always felt like to me. Raised in a unique atmosphere where I grew up with 90% of my neighborhood being my blood relatives – It was a very beautiful experience. One that has molded my life. When I think of home, I think of the love that’s been poured into me by my family. I dedicate this project: HOME to my family: the Whittiers, the Pattersons, and those that I’ve yet to discover in my maternal lineage. The humans that passed down the inheritance of love, the ones who first taught me how to love and be loved. This Project is a full-circle moment, as I will be bringing my family back into a space they once called home, their Church Home. Home is a mixed media project of past and present images paying homage to my loved ones.


Phillip Hamer is a St. Louis native that loves to call this city home. His growing love for photography started as a freshman in college, with a $400 Nikon purchase and a few books on the art form. It has now been 9 years and he hasn’t looked back since.  He is a portrait photographer and wedding videographer who lives to make others smile. He loves meeting new people and hearing of all the adventures life has given them.

He appreciates all that life offers and the beautiful moments it allow us to create with one another. Photography is a gift that’s allowed us to capture these moments in time and given us the ability to share them with generations to come.