Kranzberg Arts Residencies

The Kranzberg Arts Foundation has long been a major patron of the arts in St. Louis and is committed to aligning our resources to aid in and advance the flourishing renaissance of the arts in the St. Louis area. Growth in the local arts community is now more vigorous than ever, however, the shortage of affordable artists’ work and presentation spaces has been a clear obstacle in the path of our artists. In consideration of this problem and in support and recognition of St. Louis area artists, the Foundation  is redefining and expanding our short and long-term residency programs.

The Foundation hosts partnerships with over 150 arts organizations and presenters in the St. Louis region and provides an intersection of arts  venues and work environments that serve a full range of artistic processes. We encourage your exploration of our spaces and hope you will find, within our network, potential that will deeply enrich your artistic practice.  

 Most of our venues are located in the heart of the Grand Center Arts District in Midtown St. Louis and  are surrounded by some of  St. Louis’ most distinguished cultural assets,  including the Fox Theater, St. Louis Symphony, Contemporary Arts Museum,  The Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Jazz St. Louis,  the home of Public Media and so much more.

Please contact diana@kranzfoundati1.wpengine.com with any questions.

Meet Our Resident Organizations

We are proud to partner with a number of organizations producing world-class art in St. Louis. We invite you to learn more about our long-term residents to find out why we think they represent the heart and soul of our city.

Meet Our Current Artists In Residence

The Kranzberg Arts Residencies for Individual Artists program was launched in 2021 with the mission of helping each participant define, pursue and achieve their individual goals as an artist by providing the tools and space to improve their skills, develop new professional relationships and increase their knowledge. The program grew out of KAFs Music Artist in Residence program that was established in 2018, expanding to include visual and literary arts.

Get To Know Past Artists In Residence

2019-2020 Class of Kranzberg Arts Music Artists in Residence
2019-2020 Class of Kranzberg Arts Music Artists in Residence

In partnership with Clayton Studios, we have previously collaborated with artists — particularly musicians — by identifying band leaders with original projects and providing them with performance, rehearsal, and recording opportunities to assist them in advancing and building their careers.