Kranzberg Arts Foundation’s (KAF) workforce and employment training program is focused on practical skills and cross – sector job opportunities within the arts and entertainment sectors. This program will help in creating a pipeline to jobs for low to moderate income individuals in the city and county of St. Louis, as well as the entire Missouri region. Enrollment anticipated to open Summer – Fall 2024. 

This program is aptly suited to take place within Kranzberg Arts Foundation arts and entertainment venues. Since 2006, Kranzberg Arts Foundation has been committed to providing local, emerging artists and community arts organizations the vital space and tools to perform and showcase their work. A recent article in Forbes listed Grand Center Arts District as “America’s Most Exciting Emerging Arts District” and includes, “What Kranzberg Arts Foundation is working toward creating in the neighborhood is a neighborhood. A community. Places for artists to work, for neighbors to access free public art, a destination of constant cultural discovery for locals and visitors alike.”

We will target program enrollment to persons of low to moderate income (LMI), in underserved and underrepresented urban and rural areas throughout Missouri, generating trained and cross-skilled workers for middle income jobs. This workforce training program will train Arts Workers through hands-on experience and education in the theater, arts, and entertainment job sectors. The program will employ apprentices to learn and train alongside training partners, onsite in Grand Center Arts District.