Eyes Wide Open:  Surveillance Series

by Margaret Keller

Nov. 20, 2020 – Jan. 2, 2021
The Gallery at The Kranzberg*

*Gallery visits by appointment only with COVID-19 mitigation policies in place. For questions or concerns, please contact katie@kranzfoundati1.wpengine.com.

Digital technology — cell phones, computers-plays a seductive, pervasive role in nearly everyone’s life.  Embracing the latest news, message, or app, we capture and distribute what interests us.  Present, but less obvious, are networks of digital surveillance invading our privacy with virtually every online activity.  Surveillance has proliferated, providing an endless loop of doubtful examination, ultimately revealing critical threats to freedom, civil liberty, and identity privacy.  Our phone calls, texts, online activities, social media, politics, and movements are targeted. My art looks back at government and corporate surveillance, hoping to increase awareness of this intrusion into our personal and civic lives. Click here to read full artist’s statement.

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My art looks back at government, corporate, and personal cameras — especially at the vast insertion of surveillance cameras into the natural world — and focuses on the secretive relationship between subject and spectator.

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As an artist, I make things that explore concern about our place as humans living on planet earth.  Over fifty galleries, museums and collections have exhibited my work;  in 2018, my sculpture Riverbend was installed at the Gateway Arch National Park as Critical Mass for the Visual Arts’ Public Works Project.  Botanica absentia – a memorial to future lost species- was at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis in 2019, when I was also the recipient of The Regional Arts Commission’s $20,000 Fellowship Award.  As the Nicholas Aitken Artist-in-Residence at The Forsyth School, my project became a permanent campus installation in 2020.  This year, my solo exhibition Leaning on Nature was featured at The Mitchell Museum while more work is online at Wayfarers Gallery, Brooklyn.  My multi-faceted career has included being a college art professor, historic preservation consultant, Fiscal Analyst for the Missouri State Legislature, self-employed cake decorator, box factory worker, writer, wife, and mother of three.