Micro and Macro

by Sukanya Mani

Nov. 22 – Dec. 31, 2019
The Gallery at The Kranzberg

Chaos is an elemental part of our universe and deeply tied to how we observe it. Chaos is also located in the human body. As part of this exhibit, Mani explores chaos in its quantum form. Subatomic particles, space-time, and its effect on our macroscopic lives are a big part of her vision.

Sukanya Mani, photo by Carolina Hidalgo

The figure is a foundational part of Mani’s compositions. Stories, conversations, reading, and listening enter into her artwork, which may or may not be recognized by the viewer. Creating these pieces is a meditative, myopic experience. The details build into the whole. Memory and intuition constantly inform the imagery. Tyvek paper and its properties become a canvas where the artist addresses the relationship of the human to the universe and chaos. Dramatically manipulating the surroundings, carving out space, and creating folds within, Mani plays with the concept of quantum physics and space, pushing it out of its physical dimension. The human figure is a constant reminder of our trying to understand and make sense of this elemental projection. Mani is constantly working with the intent to examine our desire to understand our cosmos and awaken the human need to explore, identify, and understand our place in the universe.


Light Bends, So Does Paper: How Sukanya Mani Merges Art And Science
Nov. 26, 2019 | St. Louis Public Radio