Taylor Marrie
You Make Me A Better Person
Sophie’s Artist Lounge
July 15, 2023 – September 23, 2023
Opening Reception July 15, 5 – 8pm

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“You Make Me a Better Person” is a journalistic collection of acrylic paintings gathered from 2020 till now all surrounding the idea of finding yourself through other people… 

Growing up, many people come and go, in and out of our lives…friends you’ve lost and relationships that end lead to finding new friends and connecting with new people. I like to memorialize the journey to where I am now and the people who were mirrors that allowed me to keep being reintroduced to new versions of myself. 

Hindsight is always 2020, “You Make Me a Better Person” looks back and tells the coming-of-age story of practically being ripped out of a way of living into a new life of newly discovered queerness, the naivety that comes with lack of experience, being swallowed by a narcissistic relationship and what growing self-value, healing, and rebuilding looks like post-departure.

Moving forward, the bad experiences are what now allow me to feel so lucky to be in the place that I am today, where I can choose people that align with me and what I value…thus resulting in the beginnings of building a whole new life in a new direction in which I am finally confident enough to steer myself. 



Taylor Marrie is a Visual artist based in Saint Louis, Missouri. After graduating from Webster University with her BFA in Fine Arts and being selected as a Saint Louis Art Fair Emerging Artist of 2022, she exhibited work in her Exhibition “Post-Departure,” in May of 2023 which ultimately lead her into working at the Foundry Arts Centre in St.Charles, MO as a studio artist to further her studio practice as well as become a children’s art camp teacher.  

She works in acrylic painting as well as sometimes digital and photography. Taylor focuses her work in a journalistic form to tell stories of self-discovery, identity, and the dynamic in relationships. She is inspired by life itself and the experiences that come with it as well as other things like music, bubbly and bright imagery, childhood, and psychology.

Looking forward Taylor Marrie will be exhibiting around Saint Louis beginning with her show “You Make Me A Better Person,” at Sophie’s Artist Lounge in July of 2023, An emerging artist of 2023 at the Saint Louis Art Fair in September, and then moving on to exhibit her work at The Sheldon in September of 2023 and the Foundry Art Centre Gallery in the new year.